Contact info and street address:
Uudenmaankatu 35, Helsinki

Postal address:
PL 200, 00221 HKI

+ 358 9 676330
info( at )galleriahuuto.net

Contact info and street address:
Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki

Postal address:
PL 200, 00221 HKI

+ 358 9 676330
info( at )galleriahuuto.net

How to apply

The applications for the exhibition season autumn 2018 have all been addressed and the applicants have received the replies.
We thank you for your applications! Next application period will take place in the spring 2018, more information on it
later from here.

We want to thank everyone for your exhibition proposals! We received a large number of them and have now begun our
assessment. We will contact everyone who applied with the results within the next month, before the end of October.
The exhibitions will be chosen by a panel consisting of Galleria Huuto member artists. The panel is made up of
different members for each round.

Our next open call will be announced on this site in the spring of 2018.


In 2018 Galleria Huuto is going through a process of renewal and is concentrating its operation in Jätkäsaari whilst
switching to a 4-week exhibition cycle. A new white cube-style exhibition space will also be opened in Jätkäsaari.

Exhibition proposals can be sent for our four exhibition spaces in Jätkäsaari:
Jätkä 1, Jätkä 2, “New Jätkä” and Pikkujätkä.

We are currently not accepting proposals for Huuto Uudenmaankatu.

The exhibition slots for 2018 are four weeks, including install and de-install.

Rental rates are as follows:
Jätkä 1: 1700 €, Jätkä 2: 1700 €, “New Jätkä”: 1700 €, Pikkujätkä: 750 €
(Rental at cost price and hence subject to change). All exhibition rents include the printing and posting
of invitation cards etc. The gallery does not charge any commission on works sold. The artist partakes in
the invigilation of their exhibition. The rental price for Pikkujätkä also includes a video projector,
speakers (or headphones) and a media player.

To apply for an exhibition space send us an (informal) application which includes a proposal for your show
here at Huuto, your updated CV and 5-10 images. It is possible to apply for more than one gallery space at a time.
If you are applying for a specific gallery space or time slot, please mention it in the application and explain
your reasons behind doing so, though the selection panel will make the final decisions looking at the exhibition
programme as a whole.

The applications can be sent either:

A) via e-mail (preferably compiled into one PDF file) OR
B) as a physical folder – though we prefer electronic proposals as they make the process of going through applications
and sending replies much faster. We only send back mailed applications if the applicant has provided
a return envelope with a stamp and address details.

Sending the application:

A) Electronic applications should be sent to:

haku( at )galleriahuuto.net

by September 25th 2017, 11:59PM Finnish time (GMT+2).

B) Printed applications should be mailed on September 25th 2017 at the latest (a Finnish post stamp with the date suffices)
to the following address:

Galleria Huuto Näyttelytoimikunta, PL 200, 00181 Helsinki

We accept proposals written in Finnish or English. All applicants will be notified of the decisions as soon as
they are made. (If you use Gmail please make sure you check your spam folder regularly as Gmail has lately
been classifying our e-mails as spam.)

The selection panel is made up of a group of Galleria Huuto members. Each selection round has a new panel
with different members. The selections will be made based on the quality of the individual proposals and also
to form a varied exhibition programme which fits the group’s vision.

More information: Henni Oksman, director ( a t ) galleriahuuto.net, +358 (0) 400 653 461

Galleria Huuto is an artist-run freer space for art. The operation of the gallery is dependant on the volunteer
work of its artist members. Huuto opened a gallery space in Viiskulma in 2002 which was followed by another space
on Uudenmaankatu in 2005, both in the city centre of Helsinki. In 2013 Huuto opened a bigger space in Makasiini L3
in Jätkäsaari and closed down the Viiskulma gallery. Galleria Huuto hosts 60-70 exhibitions annually. Huuto has
also realised projects, events and visiting exhibitions outside its gallery spaces.

The 900 m2 old warehouse space of Huuto Jätkäsaari consists of:

-Jätkä 1 and Jätkä 2, two gallery spaces of about 170m2 each

– Pikkujätkä, a smaller space of about 30 m2 for videos, installations and smaller exhibitions

-Living room, a lounge space which functions as the Huuto office and as common room where artists and audience can
meet and spend time. The space can be used for meetings and for planning new projects. Both Huuto member artists
and others active within the art scene are welcome to organize events such as talks, concerts, performances, lectures
and seminars in the space, and it can also be used as a pop up-gallery for international exchange exhibitions even
with a quick schedule.

–A terrace with an urban harbour view and a small garden

–Six artists’ studios for member artists

The Uudenmaankatu gallery is a smaller, neater and more traditional art space on the gallery street Uudenmaankatu.

We are open for all ideas and suggestions from across the art scene. Proposals for both solo and group shows are
welcome. The Jätkäsaari exhibition space is transformable and it is also possible to unite the spaces.