Jätkä 1
Ninni Luhtasaari,
Those that have run for long
16.9. - 1.10.2017

Ninni Luhtasaari: Kotikummitukseni, 2017, 35 x 105 cm, lasitettu keramiikka, pigmentit

Ninni Luhtasaari
Those that have run for long
Galleria Huuto Busholmen, Busen 1

Are you sitting? I am flowing on the bench right now. This wall is just a bluff, as behind it something is gurgling.
My mother thought it was annoying when I left tears on my cheeks for everyone to see. My fluids are sacred.
Your fluids reveal that you are just as confused about everything as I am. And liquid is running from all of your holes.

Ninni Luhtasaari’s ceramic fountain sculptures are confused and can’t help but flow. The Tampere-based artist and musician’s sculptures, embroidery and installations have been on display, for example, at solo exhibitions, the Mänttä Art Festival and Ars Auttoinen. Luhtasaari is also part of the Helsinki and Tampere-based Sexy Sexy Lover artist group. As a musician, she plays in the bands Maria ja Marsialaiset, Ninni Forever Band, Pintandwefall and Risto.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Alli and Allan Salo Fund.

Ninni Luhtasaari