Aino Jääskeläinen,
Star Boy and Rosy Mouths
19.4. - 7.5.2017

Aino Jääskeläinen
Star Boy and Rosy Mouths
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

All Galleria Huuto’s exhibitions are open also on Sunday 30th April.

After being away for a couple of years, I was able to go back to my studio.
After the initial anxiety I said: “Mom is on fire!”
The blocks burst in a frenzy of happiness at being able to work.
Rosy mouths and golden eyes appeared. I think they are adorable creatures.
Treat them well.

The works are monotypes with some parts painted with ink. Monotyping could be characterized as a love child of printmaking and painting.

Aino Jääskeläinen is a Helsinki-based artist (MFA). Star Boy and Rosy Mouths is her seventh solo exhibition.

Aino Jääskeläinen
040 750 9623