Kira Leskinen,
8.3. - 26.3.2017

Kira Lehtinen: Sabroso

Kira Leskinen
8th–26th March 2017
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Kira Leskinen’s exhibition Sabroso consists of a series of works created using a flatbed scanner. The technique is known as scanography.

Colors dominate the works created through a collage-like work process. The strong red charges at you, the yellow is calm and the black withdraws. What is essential is the clarity of shapes. In terms of expression the series draws inspiration from, among others, Ellsworth Kelly and Carmen Herrera’s simple yet effective use of colors and shapes as well as Wassily Kandinsky’s thoughts regarding the connection between abstract art and music. How can the concepts of silence, repetition, rhythm and improvisation be expressed in a visual format?

Leskinen has used paper and cardboard of different colors as her materials and with the cut or torn shapes she has created the works directly on the glass plate of a scanner. In this respect the process resembles the creation of photograms on photographic paper using traditional darkroom methods. However, Leskinen’s works will only achieve their final shape and character through the movement during scanning. The movement enables the creation of digital distortions and deviations in an image.

A key element of the works is the mixing of visual and auditory experiences, in other words synesthesia. This occurs through the artwork titles that encourage not only to look but also to listen to what each work sounds like. The titles have been freely picked from different languages by browsing, for example, Turkish, Spanish and Estonian dictionaries. Instead of the meanings of the words, the crucial aspect is what the words sound like in one’s ears or feel like on one’s tongue. If a suitable word is not found, Leskinen combines words, syllables and sounds before each work has found its phonetic counterpart.

Live scanography meets Kauranne x Haapoja x illmari

On Saturday evening 25th of March Kira Leskine’s solo exhibition at
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu will be filled with live scanography, urban
folk music, spoken word and city soundscapes. Together with folkmusician
Amanda Kauranne and city soundscapes of Mikko H. Haapoja, The Routes of
Helsinki, Kira Leskinen will create new images with a flatbed scanner. Last
but not least, haapoja & illmari collective performs their old and brand
new folk rap songs.

18.00 Amanda Kauranne + Kira Leskinen live scanography
18.30 The Routes of Helsinki soundscapes feat. illmari
19.00 haapoja & illmari collective

Further information:
Kira Leskinen
+358 45 266 4228