Pop up –show ”One-Room Flat” celebrates 15 years of Galleria Huuto
18.2. - 28.5.2017

Yksiö / One-Room Flat
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Pop-up, 18.2. – 5.3.2017
Supermarket Alternative Art Fair, Tukholma, 23. – 26.3.2017
Art Fair Suomi, Cable Factory, Helsinki, 25.–28.5.2017

At first glance it looks like a one-room flat furnished with white furniture. There is a bed, a coat rack, a table with a chair, kitchen corner, mirror, kitchenware, bags, shelves, carpet, dishes, lamps and plants. The decoration of the room resembles that of a trade fair or a department store display. Yet a closer look at it reveals artworks placed within the installation.

Some of the works take the shape of recognizable everyday objects such as a bag made out of used teabags or a yucca plant made of disposable paper cups. Other works hide within the set: a landscape painting can be found inside a cupboard and a teabag inside a glass is replaced by a video.

Our one-room flat invites the audience to step in and explore its contents. There one can find a family photo album with no people in it, notice the illusionary works within the space or listen to a song depicting all the other works. A seemingly coherent entity turns into a spectrum of details.

Pasi Autio, Jesse Avdeikov, Kaarina Haka, Terhi Heino, Aino Jääskeläinen, Beata Joutsen, Kasper Muttonen, Pilvi Ojala, Kaarina Ormio, Paula Puoskari, Satu Rautiainen, Antti-Ville Reinikainen, Hanna Saarikoski, Azar Saiyar, Hans-Peter Schütt, Elina Strandberg, Aleksi Tolonen, Kalle Turakka Purhonen, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Marja Viitahuhta, Charlotta Östlund

The group show celebrates the 15th anniversary of Galleria Huuto.

One-Room Flat has been funded by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

One-room flat also takes part in:
Supermarket Alternative Art Fair, Tukholma, 23. – 26.3.2017
Art Fair Suomi, Cable Factory, Helsinki, 25. – 28.5.2017

Marja Viitahuhta – marjamikko(a)hotmail.com
Hanna Saarikoski – hsaariko(a)gmail.com

Pasi Autio’s video from the exhibition, with a part of Pasi’s audio guide “Music Box” as sound
Music: Pasi Autio, Jakob Norgren, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen
Lyrics: Pasi Autio
Vocals, accordion: Pauliina Turakka Purhonen