Elissa Eriksson,
Money Talks
4.1. - 22.1.2017

Elissa Eriksson
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The exhibition is open also on Epiphany 6.1. from 12 to 5 pm, the artist is present.

Money – a collective game which everyone is constantly playing even though the rules are hardly ever discussed.

I became interested in the concept of money a few years ago when a brokerage firm looking for new clients invited me to discuss financial matters. As we discussed different investment alternatives, I brought up ethical funds. The response I got was sketchy and it went something like this: “Sure there are some ethical funds but, honestly, the money is not exactly used for doing good.”

That discussion made me think about money. What is money? What is the role of money in our society? What are the underlying mechanisms? As the project has progressed, I have been astonished to find out what a blind spot the concept of money is for us. For example, in decision-making – in terms of both politics and one’s personal life – money is a very strong argument but very rarely do we pause to consider what it is we actually talk about when we talk about money.

In the works included in the Money Talks exhibition I examine the concept of money from both a material and immaterial perspective, I reflect on feelings related to money and discuss money with people working in the financial sector. The exhibition includes a coin installation, a money journal, bank transfer receipts, filmed discussions as well as people’s answers to the question “What is money?”.

The exhibition is part of Elissa Eriksson’s (b. 1982) thesis for the Time and Space Arts study program at the Academy of Fine Arts. Eriksson is also known for the bus stop advertising project I Want to See Something Else in downtown Helsinki (2011) as well as for the solo exhibition Creative Shopping at Galleria Huuto on Uudenmaankatu (2014).

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Further information:
Elissa Eriksson
+358 40 516 9943