Sebastian Lindberg,
Grave New World
6.7. - 24.7. 2016

Sebastian Lindberg
Grave New World
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
6-24 July 2016

An important element in my work is the presence of chance and its impact on the structure of my art. The three-dimensional, relief-like shapes in my paintings have been created by working with masses of acrylic paint. I turn the work to make the paint run, thus allowing gravity to contribute its input into the paintings. The slow meditative process is just as important as the final painting.

The key theme throughout my paintings is water in different forms – the rippling of water, the flowing and whirling movement as well as surging waves whipping the building masses. The remains of wrecks resting deep in the water and the colorful biodiversity thriving on the surface of the wrecks have also left a memory trace in my works.

Tel. 040 5270653