Tuomas Tuomiranta,
Coded Colours
23.3. - 10.4. 2016

Tuomas Tuomiranta
Coded Colours
Computer graphics and interactive video installation
23 March – 10 April 2016
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

During Easter the gallery has usual opening hours (closed on Monday as usual).

I want to create works that combine visual arts with mathematics through graphics programming. In addition to being interesting, this approach provides access to incredible and artistically unique visual worlds. In terms of technique, my works can be, for example, computer graphics prints, interactive video installations or computer animations. I believe that graphics programming can achieve the same artistic depth and sensitivity as more traditional techniques.

The computer graphics images of the Reflections series (2013-) are based on editing algorithms I have developed over a long period of time and I have programmed them using the Processing language. I use photographs, paintings, computer drawings and other images I have created as the basis for my images. My aim with the series is to achieve a spatial and flowing effect, rhythm as well as intensive and multi-dimensional colours. I want the images to be interesting when viewed from any distance, offering a variety of details and levels. The names of the images are wordplay-like quotations from the music that I have listened to while creating the images and that I have found inspiring, thus forming a sort of imaginary “playlist” for this silent exhibition.

My new interactive video installation Touch (2015) allows the users to paint on a projection surface using the outlines of their bodies. The installation has been programmed using the Processing language and it utilizes a Kinect sensor. The spreading of colours has been implemented using the discrete wave equation. The installation has changing colour schemes and the users’ colours change cyclically. When two users touch, something special happens.

Tuomas Tuomiranta
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