Unski Antti Immonen,
2.3. - 20.3.2016

Unski Antti Immonen
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
2–20 March 2016

We are not interested in the reasons, we look for those guilty to purge ourselves in their blood.
– Samuli Paronen

Unski Antti Immonen (b. 1981) earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. He also gained a diploma in visual arts from Art School Maa in 2011.

As an artist I see myself as an explorer of some sort. I explore different ways of constructing an artwork and understanding how a work is being created. As my works take shape, I also try to understand and analyze the world. The final work may be anything, but ultimately it is about a way to exist and perceive the world. I work with multiple mediums simultaneously. I find this approach productive, with the different techniques supporting each other. I also get a chance to be faced with something new and uncertain whenever working.

I wish to thank the Finnish Art Society for the grant!

Unski Antti Immonen
+358 40 415 5304