Katariina Guthwert,
Collected Pieces
8.7. - 26.7.2015

Katariina Guthwert
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
8-26 July 2015

Important situations / moments engraved in my memory / corrosive memories / pictorial stories / people and places with which we shared a certain thing / this is something I remember.

I explore significant moments that have stuck in my mind. They include moments filled with love, experiences of stopping, feelings of loneliness, intense moments. I compiled portraits of people with whom I have happened to experience these moments. The encounters may have included sorrow, anxiety, joy, a feeling of freedom, sensuality, empathy, friendship or a feeling of togetherness. Over time the experiences have turned into strong, mysterious memories.
My exhibition consists of mixed media reliefs. The figures cut out from a wood panel have been covered with ceramic mosaic and pieces of wood and painted over with gouache paint, ink and acrylic paint.

Katariina Guthwert is a Helsinki-based artist and designer. Guthwert is known for her jewellery, in particular the Medals of General Valour. Her works have been on display in solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.