Eija Hakkola, Jaakko Himanen,
Paintings and sculptures
31.12.2014 - 18.1.2015

Eija Hakkolan & Jaakko Himasen
Paintings and sculptures
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Artist Eija Hakkola and sculptor Jaakko Himanen’s joint exhibition

Paintings by Eija Hakkola and sculptures by Jaakko Himanen
You can find out more about the artists on YouTube with the hashtag #maalauksiajaveistoksia.

Hakkola’s paintings are abstract, but one can find recognizable graphic elements in them. Her works have been influenced by various battle maps and military camouflage patterns. The current social atmosphere has also had an impact. This time is filled with stagnation, anticipation and uncertainty. Hakkola’s works have been created on white acrylic sheets using a black acrylic color.

Eija Hakkola (b. 1976, Hauho)
Studied at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (1996-2000) and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (2001-2004). Solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions in Finland and art projects abroad. Works included in private and public collections. Public artworks, for example The Web mural in Arabianranta, Helsinki. www.hakkola.net, instagram.com/eijahakkola

Jaakko Himanen builds his sculptures as if they were made of plastic skin and filled with air. His works are influenced by everyday objects such as shoes or balloons and they are often combined with ready-made objects and parts thereof. Himanen’s artworks are sculptures that resemble industrial objects made for everyday use, non-objects that combine humanly soft and round shapes with a hard and shiny surface. The main material of Himanen’s sculptures is Acrystal and they have been painted using spray paint.

Jaakko Himanen (b. 1975, Tampere)
Studied at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (1996-2000) and at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2001-2008). Solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 1996. A regional artist of Pirkanmaa from 2002 to 2005 (environmental art). Works included in the collections of the Sara Hildén Art Museum and the Finnish State. www.jaakkohimanen.net, instagram.com/jaakko.himanen

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