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Gunzi Holmström
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2
9.12–29.12 2017

Saint Clare of Assisi.
Your name is a flower
eaten by a beautiful giraffe.
(Gunzi H., 2017)

“I work with oil paints. My theme is spiritual mysticism which I express through abstract and symbolic forms. I am inspired by the prophets and saints’ revelations, but the intention is not to illustrate their experiences. Instead, I use contemplation and prayer to reach my own inner visions. I combine universal structures and symbols when reflecting on the relationship between the visible and invisible world. It is about energies that cannot be seen with the naked eye but, nevertheless, they are part of our reality.

The exhibition also features some poems inspired by the poetry of the mystical branch of Islam, Sufism.

While working, I have studied different mystical traditions. I have familiarized myself with Christian saints such as Hildegard of Bingen and Saint Clare of Assisi, read writings by Simone Weil and Emmanuel Swedenborg and immersed myself in the visual world of medieval church art.”

Gunzi Holmström will be at Galleria Huuto on Sunday 10 December and Saturday 16 December. She lives and works in Helsinki and over the years she has showcased her works in about twenty countries. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Valand Academy in Gothenburg in 2006.

THANK YOU: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Eugène, Elisabeth and Birgit Nygrén Foundation

Visual artist Gunzi Holmström


Laura Vainikka
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2
18 November – 3 December 2017

    “Cutie,” he said, “I’m going to try to explain something to you. You’re the first robot who’s ever exhibited curiosity as to his own existence – and I think the first that’s really intelligent enough to understand the world outside. Here, come with me.”
    The robot rose erect smoothly and his thickly sponge-rubber soled feet made no noise as he followed Powell. The Earthman touched a button and a square section of the wall flickered aside. The thick, clear glass revealed space – star-speckled.
    “I’ve seen that in the observation ports in the engine room,” said Cutie.
    “I know,” said Powell. “What do you think it is?”
    “Exactly what it seems – a black material just beyond this glass that is spotted with little gleaming dots. I know that our director sends out beams to some of these dots, always to the same ones – and also that these dots shift and that the beams shift with them. That is all.”

    Isaac Asimov: Reason (1941)

I have printed large dark surfaces on paper, oily layers of color piling up on top of each other. I have polished metal sheets to resemble mirrors, aiming to catch reflections of the reality arching over us. I have printed again paper burnt to a pile of ashes, letting it become visible in another order. I have taken a black soot mark as a sign of light.

I have cleared, filled, broken and combined surfaces and materials that react to light in different ways. I don’t know which one of them shows the most to a viewer and which one the least.

While working on the pieces for the exhibition, I was wondering if one could look at the world like the robot in the short story quoted above, thinking that everything is only exactly what it seems. The sky as black matter, stars as glowing dots receiving beams of light. Could one think that is all?

Laura Vainikka (b. 1979, Lappeenranta) is a visual artist and printmaker who lives and works in the Helsinki region. Vainikka works mainly with art which develops into spatial entities, examining those boundary conditions that light, image and observation may require. Vainikka earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Fine Arts (University of the Arts Helsinki) in 2013. Her works are included, for example, in the collections of the Pori and Jyväskylä art museums and the Finnish State Art Collection. In 2017 Vainikka was nominated for the Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant.

Laura Vainikka
+358 44 322 3303


Yassine Khaled
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2

Open as usual on All Saints Day 4.11.2017 at 12-5 pm.

ForHidden explores the concept of unseen and banality through a series of works including installations, drawings and paintings. ForHidden seeks multilayered connections between our times and Classical art. It also completes Yassine Khaled’s long-term project: A Territory Under MaMa (2017).

The main work of the exhibition, Love Me, is a 11-meter-long installation that a viewer can enter, and find him/herself disconnected from the surrounding exhibition space. In the end of the installation’s ”tunnel”, made of curtains, is a reproduction of the Statue of Eirene, the “Goddess of Peace”, carrying a child in her left arm – Plutus, the god of wealth from the ancient Greek religion. The original statue of Cephisodotus the Elder is an allegory for Plutus prospering under the protection of Peace; it once constituted a public appeal to good sense. The combination of the sculpture and the installation creates a surrealistic vision that opens up several multifaceted questions, specially when ”Eirene” of the installation is wearing a facial veil.

Yassine Khaled works interdisciplinary with making sculptures, installations, performances, paintings and videos. His work is mostly focused on the disparity between the power and wealth of some, and the powerlessness and poverty of others in our globalized world. Khaled aims to visualize power relations between individuals caused by, for instance, ever-increasing gaps in wealth, socio-cultural differences, labor conditions and educational opportunities — the conditions that determine one’s level of comfort and stability in society. Khaled was born and raised in Morocco. Currently he lives and works in Helsinki; this geographic and cultural shift has had an evident impact on his work.

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, as a support for the gallery rent.

Contact information:

Yassine Khaled
tel. 044 910 7659